What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting simply means that instead of your accounting software sitting on someone’s pc or local server machine, it is stored on-line and you login to it as you would to any website you frequent.

Out the Blocks is a 100% Xero practice

We use Xero as our preferred cloud accounting software, all day, every day. It means that you are in good hands, when it comes to the setup, streamlining and optimizing, or supporting your queries on Xero. And with their state of the art support centers, you can rest assured that any question, no matter how difficult, is just a telephone call or email away.

Why we love Xero

Because we have all your financial information available up to date, all the time – and as close to in real-time as possible – we are positioned as your most trusted financial and business management advisor.

Instead of simply preparing financial reports and fixing data errors – we:

  • explain what the numbers actually mean.
  • provide financial guidance.
  • advise on business decisions.
  • prepare growth strategies.
  • identify business problems.

These type of advisory services are absolutely critical to small businesses and you will be well positioned to reap the rewards of having a virtual Financial Manager in your corner.

Get Xero




  • No more outdated accounting records

  • No more stressing over version control

  • Collaboration with your trusted advisor is instant and happens on the same platform

  • No more managing by the bank balance

  • Management reports at the tips of your fingers with a click of a button

  • No need for local back-ups

  • Always available

  • Automatic system updates

  • Accessible from any device, anywhere – as long as you have a working internet connection

  • Automated bank feeds and receivables

  • Automated repetitive tasks like monthly retainer invoices

  • Up to date current financial data and an easy to use interface with figures presented in a visual format like statistics and graphs which will ensure you actually know what goes on in your business

  • Always working with data that is at least a month or two old

  • Your accountant and yourself will each have a separate back-up of your entity’s accounting records

  • Average business owners have no clue what the figures are saying and can’t make informed decisions

  • As your reporting is a month or two old, you will have to manage by the actual cash in your bank account

  • Accounting Software is usually installed on a local drive and if not accessed by that computer, cannot be accessed at all

  • Manual updates and installations needed

  • Manual bank account imports

  • No automation with regards to repetitve tasks i.e retainer invoicing, payments etc.

  • Not so user friendly

  • Need an accounting background or years of experience to understand the software