For many years, there has been an unserved need for a specialist start-up business accounting support program in South Africa.

Until now – for the first time in this country, an accounting firm has taken note of this need, and set about developing a solution.

For the past seven years, Calypso Accounting has been dealing with business owners at ground level, and has found that the most common challenge faced by new business owners is that once the business is up and running, there is very little support or guidance, especially when it comes to compliance with the myriad of intricate requirements imposed by government.

With this in mind, Calypso Accounting is proud to bring you Out the Blocks!

This brand new accounting solution has one core focus, and that is to simplify the manner in which entrepreneurs start their businesses. This is coupled with assistance and support through their initial growth phases, providing a solid platform for future growth and development.

Having once been a start-up itself – and having not forgotten the growing pains – Calypso Accounting understands the challenges new businesses are faced with when trying to get off the ground.

While we can’t guarantee your business concept will be a success, we can ensure that your time is not bound by complex accounting demands, freeing you up to focus on growing your business.

Out the Blocks is built on the primary business principles that made Calypso Accounting such a success – transparency and accountability when it comes to fee structures, and personalized service through which we build and maintain our customer relationships.

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Calypso Accounting