Cloud based services seems to be the new kid on the block for small businesses – everyone is talking about it!

So we’ve been on a personal journey over the last 18 months of leaving everything we know behind, and venturing into a new era of doing business – we’ve converted from a paper based system to a fully cloud based AND paperless business.

The following infographic highlights the main differences between the two types of business processes but also the pros and cons about cloud based services.

Our main aim off course is not to harp on about our own personal journey during this life changing transition, but rather to reassure you that our only aim is to assist you in the transition wherever we can in order to streamline your own business processes and add value to your business’ bottom line.


cloud bookeeping


If you have any questions about this transition or need help assessing and implementing any of our cloud based services, do not hesitate to make contact with us on