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Out the Blocks works on a subscription based model where certain services are packaged as a fixed monthly fee enabling you to choose exactly which services you want and which you don’t. This model allows you to scale your services required with the cashflow of your business. Knowing the fixed amount upfront means you can accurately budget our services in advance without any nasty surprises.

Out the Blocks runs an exclusive debit order system. You will receive your monthly invoice by the 25th of each month for the subscription of the following month and this amount will be deducted off your bank account on the 5th of the month. A full “Terms and Conditions” page will be included in your welcome pack highlighting all the details around this payment system.

We have pre-packaged services on our “Solutions” page from which you can choose or custom your own service offering based on the services you would like to include. The list of services will also highlight at which intervals you can expect them or when government would require you to deliver on them.

As we are a fully paperless, virtual office and make use of exclusive cloud accounting software, we currently service clients throughout South Africa and even have some in Europe.

It is important to keep in mind that accounting records are always processed in arrears. As an example, one would close off month-end for February the 1st /2nd of March after which one would make those documents available for processing. As we understand the importance of timely information being available for decision making, we make every effort to have the information captured as soon as possible after closing off the month-end.

Management accounts in our opinion forms the foundation on which your executive team bases its decisions and its importance can therefor not be underestimated. We have therefor made provision in our “Performer” and “Elite” packages for Management Accounts to be delivered as a standard on a monthly basis, or every second month, as your needs may require. Our Service level agreements determine that management accounts are delivered within 24hrs after all the monthly processing has been captured.

Once have been successfully on-boarded, you will be introduced to your account manager, whom will be your primary contact for all future queries/dealings. We do not have a typical department structure, but rather introduce you to someone who will deal with you at all levels and learn to know your business inside out.

Virtual offices have been around for many years and the accounting industry has globally followed suit. It simply means we have no physical offices and the typical infrastructure overheads, such as a receptionist, security and water and lights. What we do have is an awesome team that has access to your data anywhere in the world and can work wherever they choose. We leverage the latest technology to bring you a service offering that is a collaboration between our office and yours, and not simply acting as a 3rd party service provider. Such technology include but is not limited to, cloud accounting, hosted exchange email, Skype meetings, cloud document storage to name a few. We are done simply working harder and have found a way to work smarter. It is now time you started to share in that aspect of running your business more efficiently.

Some of the technology we leverage is cloud document storage solutions that enables you to electronically upload/save all your information to that location and we access it immediately after. You can even set up an email address that will be unique to your organisation to which you can simply forward all your information and the next time you log into your cloud accounting software, it has been processed! This not only cuts down on your printing costs, but also saves the endless amounts of hours we seem to be traveling back and forth as we exchange paperwork.

In the unlikely event that you should or would want to cancel your subscription, you can do so by giving us 1 calendar months’ written notice, after which said services will be terminated. Kindly note that dependent on which service offerings you have signed up for, you may be bound by a 12 month contract in which instance you will not be able to terminate the service prior to the contract period lapsing. Should you however wish to still do so, you will be required to settle the remainder of the contract value as a single payment.

No. As it is a month-to-month subscription, no refunds will be given should you wish to terminate your subscription before it runs full term.