Are you ready to get your business out there? No idea of where to start your marketing or anxious about where you will find the money? Social Media marketing for small business has revolutionized this scene forever!

Social media is a routine part of our everyday lives, pervasive in society and culture. With smartphones, tablets, home computers, and other mobile devices allowing people across the globe to instantly connect, social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are an integral part of our culture. Not only that, but social media is an international phenomenon, allowing users to connect around the world, and allowing businesses to reach a huge client base.

The Reality Of Social Media

The reality is that social media is almost inescapable (Forbes), a fact of life as much as e-mail or text messaging, connecting hundreds of thousands of people and allowing them to instantaneously share information. With the saturation of social media in daily life and culture, if you are not using social media marketing for small business, you are missing out on a great, free marketing tool with almost unlimited reach and growth potential. Particularly for small business marketing, social media provides an invaluable tool by allowing business owners and entrepreneurs to not only market their brand, but also to establish rapport with their current customers and potential client base.

In marketing a small business, customer loyalty and rapport is absolutely essential. Small businesses, quite simply, do not have the financial backing of a large corporation or household brand. They cannot afford thousands, if not millions, in advertising dollars, and they do not have established brand loyalty like larger companies, that may be able to sell products and services based on name recognition alone. Marketing your small business takes a lot more work, and often, that work is on a much smaller budget.

The good news is that social media marketing for small business is incredibly useful, providing a highly affordable service with great return on investment. This is a bit of a good news/bad news situation in terms of marketing, though. For example, Facebook limits the number of visible posts to potential clients via their website algorithm, so if you’re simply managing your own company’s page, you may be reaching 6% or less of potential clients. However, if you really want to use social media to market your small business effectively, you can use a social media or digital marketing agency that can help you overcome the algorithms built in to websites to reach a huge pool of potential customers.

Achieving ROI Through Social Media Marketing For Small Business

The return on investment is huge when you start to reach potential leads on social media. You are effectively opening the door for conversation with your clients, building brand loyalty and establishing rapport to grow your client base and establish repeat customers. Social media marketing for small business is absolutely vital for your business’s success, and can ultimately be the one marketing tool that determines if your business survives and becomes profitable.